Why Julintani?

Apps should pay off

Why should you choose Julintani to produce your student/alumni apps? In two words, “special sauce.” That’s no idle boast—our concept won us an entrepreneurship grant that got us started.

Our goal is to turn what is normally an expense, into an investment. Your student and alumni apps should aim for a positive ROI, and not a sunk cost. Your apps should help students… while paying for themselves.

Julintani uses proprietary innovations to ensure higher uptake and more retention from your students than you can expect from your run-of-the-mill student or alumni apps. Then we use that earned loyalty to help you distribute your content faster and deeper, to connect graduates as a community, and a create a mobilized base of evangelists for your institution.

Contact us today to find out how this would pay off for your college or university.

A Recipe for Success

Day to day, our apps offer these ingredients to boost your chances of success:

  • The app’s content is always fresh, as your institution posts news, events and changes to information—because we pull the information from your pages
  • Secure sign-in means student and alumni privacy is protected
  • Registered users allow you the ultimate potential in targeting: 100% individualized messaging
  • Phone-based apps make financial transactions easier for the user and for you
  • Apps are built using the dominant mobile phone operating systems; iOS and Google are standard
  • No HTML5: one-size-fits-all implementations seem to make no one happy. Remember the Facebook in 2011? Mark Zuckerberg said that “the biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 instead of native”
  • Mobile web sites don’t give you the necessary push technology to get your emergency messages in front of all your users
  • Best practices in software engineering — we make sure your app is backwards compatible, easily updated and secure
  • The finest ingredients: we work with you to make sure your app follows our well researched rules of thumb—
    • Avoiding kitchen-sinking: Apps are best-liked when they do a few things well, as opposed to many things with mediocrity
    • Lean and mean: small and fast means your app isn’t uninstalled for being a space hog
    • Apps are for nouns: apps that get used over and over are ones that help you connect people, places and things. We shun gimmicks and shortcuts, and aim for real connectivity.

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