Apps to enhance student life

Kids on campus use their phones and tablets

Phones and tablets are key for connecting students to their schedules, friends and events.

Increasing involvement of students

Any student mobile app should provide meaningful and immediate information services, helping to optimize student time and resources. But more than that, we believe that student apps are a doorway to better campus life experiences, and should enable increased interconnectivity between individuals with the institution, an improved interaction that fosters a sense of belonging through involvement.

A student’s ability to explore campus life in an immediate and immersive way can fundamentally change the relationship of the student to the institution, improving outcomes. Positive and dependable bonds between students, the institution and faculty, achieved through shared events and resources, form the foundation of scholarly emotional and intellectual fulfillment, ideally instilling life-long loyalties and enthusiasm.

Julintani works intelligently and responsively with your stakeholders to provide a dependable, secure smart-phone interface for communicating information to students, while giving the students features they need in a familiar medium.

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