What CIOs, CFOs and IT need to know

Updating your app and its content is a cinch.

We work to make integration of the app into your overall media service easy to start and easy to maintain.


Julintani works with your branding guidelines, existing student information infrastructure and stakeholder’s wishlists to create a customized app unlike any other.

Best practices, with innovation

Julintani’s student and alumni apps are provided in both Apple and Google operating systems. We considered other ways of writing apps, like HTML5, but we discarded these in favor of the best choice for the end user — and for the institution.

Transparent updates

We use best practices in programming and architecture, to make updates easy for the user and versions functional across many different generations of smart phone.

Content you control

It’s your content. Update your directory, course lists, events and news. We have proprietary methods to capture it in the app and make it current and appealing.