Apps to improve alumni relations

Alumni are adapting mobile phone use generationally. Stay ahead with an alumni mobile app.

Graduates can become givers with cultivation. Alumni mobile apps give you another channel to reach them.

Cultivating Commitment in Alumni

More than merely sources of news and networking opportunities, mobile push notification technology allows foundations and associations to mobilize alumni commitment and support of initiatives and needs. Using automated processing of donations, your alumni app from Julintani turns graduates into givers through incremental commitments and campaigns you design and control.

Your app should provide ROI

You can see a return on your investment obtained through the value of searchable user data, donor push campaigns, and growth potential.

For institutions that are committed to ongoing relationships with alumni, we offer a unique opportunity. Through integrated branding and other innovations, schools opting for both Student and Alumni Julintani apps can achieve a larger installed graduate base faster, with lower marketing costs.

If you’re interested in expanding your outreach to your alumni, contact us today.